Project Implementation – the Third to Three P’s in Pursuing your Passion Project

We’re down to our final P’s for Starting you Passion Project – and it’s actually the one that’s a little bit more scary than the two others. You guessed what that is? Yes – that’s P for your PROJECT. Yes, as in, finally implementing your own project this time.

They say this one’s more daunting and overwhelming for most because this is where you finally dip your fingers into the actual work and really dive into the thick of passion project starting it, implementing it, sustaining it, and of course seeing it to fruition. But actually – it doesn’t have to be that massively nerve-wracking to launch your passion project. It’s safe to say that yes, there’ll be bumps and humps here and there but isn’t that part of every project or endeavor that we do? We just can’t over obsess not having any of those because at the end of the day, it’s something inevitable and possible. Then again, with your planning and preparation, that sources of humps and bumps could be minimized if not eliminated at all. Of course, if you’re a mother, let me just emphasize this – you’re a mother first of all before a passion project doer. So, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. I get that a lot of times too even up to now. But if and when you feel like there’s too many going on in your life including this passion project launching. Go stop and focus on what really matters in your season now – your relationship with God then your family.

Let me put that in context – if at one point of this whole pursue-your-passion-project endeavor, you feel overwhelmed by everything that you need to do, stop and prioritize what you need to prioritize. As I have learned, we better be scheduling our priorities than prioritizing our schedule.

Alright! That’s just something I need to say because exhaustion, burnout, and the like are all bound to happen to us, in whatever endeavor or project we do, whether a mom or not, if we do not set our priorities straight.

So for this post, I will be sharing some points for you to consider in building your project backbone and that will hopefully help you gain more confidence and structure before you finally jump in.

1. Brand Name – your brand name should clearly state what you do and your niche market. I will use as an example my blog – Notice that I had intentionally included my name on it (preference only but not required), then indicating that I’m a mom. Because I want my readers and other people to recognize my blog as a mom blog. Hence, I use the itsokayemom handle in all my social media channels for quick identification for a mom blog.

2. Brand Identity – as a start up project, you will have to already decide on your brand logo and your personality. Does it go well with a chic-ish feel or do you go for a more professional black and white theme? Your colors, fonts, manner of speaking in your social media posts, and visuals will pretty much send this message to your customers. So it pays to decide early on what type of brand identity do want to present from the start.

P.S. You don’t need to be spending too much yet on the logo creation. I did mine with Canva (a free graphic design app) and I’m still using this in fact for all my graphics until now.

3. Niche Identification & Customer Profiling – this will help you hugely in terms of identifying which market you intend to focus your energies and efforts on. Specially at times when you feel like you can and want to do a lot of things for your brand. This will sort of balance it out because you would have to consider if it is relevant and value adding to your niche and customer profile.

In identifying your niche, you have to know which market you want to satisfy with your project. Again, taking as an example my blog, my main niche & customer profile is:

– Young / Millenial Moms
– Stay at Home Mothers (although this is not indicative in my blog name, but my profile / background note says this)
– Formerly working in a corporate career but had to prioritize family life for now
– Longs to pursue their passion alongside motherhood

Your niche & customer profile doesn’t have to be final and definite at once. It’s good to have it like that though but it’s natural to be tweaking it a bit as you go along your project implementation phase.

3. Project Story Building – for me it’s always important to let your customers know how your project started and how you built it. It’s sort of my way to personally connect with them by sharing the behind-the-scenes of my project. It’s important to establish your:

– Mission
– Vision
– Values
– Story

So you might be asking, “but I’m not that huge yet, is this something I need to do this early?” My answer – yes, absolutely! You know when I started my passion project, I didn’t know how people would accept it and how far it would go, but doing this makes you kind of feel that this is something you need to be putting your heart into because there’s just so much potential in each of our project. So yes, it makes perfect sense to have this right at the onset of your project.

4. Mid to Long Term Goals – by goals we mean what are your quantifiable and expected results to which you will measure your performance against as you move along. Taking as an example my blog, my operational goal is to:

– Reach x number of followers after x months
– Reach x number of subscribers in my mailing list after a certain period

Your goals can also be your business / financial goals, so for example:

– Monetize my blog through sponsored ads  worth at least Php 5,000 a month (hypothetical amount only).
– Monetize my blog through affiliate marketing of at least 3-5 products a month.

And many other goals. It’s really up to you to decide your mid and long term goals for your project. Whatever you decide to make as your goal, the most important thing is that you have something your working towards and not just going through the whole process  aimlessly.

5. Action Plan & Strategies – so you have already built quite a structure to your start up project, you can move swiftly to drafting your action plans & strategies. This can be your–

– Marketing & Promotion Strategy
– Income Generation Strategy
– Implementation Strategy

And whatever strategy you want to build for your project. Note although it may sound too structured and complicated to understand, you don’t actually need to make a lot of strategy and plans, just the ones that you really need and feel will be valuable for your project just before you launch it. Then as you move along, you’d figure you can add some more strategies as you see necessary.

6. Timeline – your timeline is more like your calendar for the next 6 to 12 months of your project implementation. If you’re a starting a blog, it pays to plan and schedule your topics as well as your publish dates. If you’re starting a product-based project, it may be of help to plot your activities, plans, and whatnot for the coming months. Personally, having a timeline helps me stay on track with my project goals and be consistent about it. Without it, I may dilly dally on some personal deadlines, because again, it’s not too critical anyway. With a timeline though, you are forced, or rather pushed to keep working on your set goals/plans. Again, the timeline may change as you move forward, that’s totally okay, important thing is that you have something planned out that you can follow along.

Woohooo! Now it’s time to finally put those plans into implementation. You go, dear! Go make that passion project shine! I tell you it’s not going to be all easy peasy along the way, but it sure is a fun and learning filled journey to get yourself in. You’re totally in for an adventure!

I’m with you in praying that this project will allow you to a blessing to other people. If there’s one thing I’d want to leave you with as you move forward with your projects, it’s this verse that I really love and keep remembering at times when I want to just drop everything because it’s just getting more and more difficult.

Psalm 121:2 – My help comes from the LORD; the Maker of heaven and earth. 

God bless you, fellow sister / mom! Let me know how it goes for you and your project. I’d love to hear from you and your story. So please drop me a message if you get the chance. I’m excited to hear your story Passion Project story. 🙂

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Purposeful Passion – the Second to three P’s in Pursuing your Passion Project

Last week was all about guiding you into an understanding of your purpose (for yourself or even for your project) before you jump right into it. And let me just say that I sincerely appreciate a lot of you for sending your positive affirmations for my recent blog post and the free Purpose Finder Worksheet. Really, from my heart of hearts – thank you! Every time someone sends a message saying how much it has been a great help for them as they try to find their way getting started with their projects, I feel very blessed to be a part of each of their journey and just be able to help in my little way. So thank you again, it’s all by God’s grace that I’m able to write despite my role as a mother. I pray that God will continue to enable me to help many other moms and women out there, according to His purpose and will for my life.
Let’s dive into the thick of things. PASSION. Have you ever asked yourself, “what am I really passionate about?”
– That something that you, without any second thought, sooooo want to do, love to do, and enjoy doing.
– That something that you are wholeheartedly willing to stick it out with no matter how tough and challenging the road gets ahead.
– That something that you are never too tired to do and be the best advocate for.
– That something that you just can’t stop telling others how much you love doing it.
–  That something that you are willing to spend your energy, time, and resources in, even if you know it’s not going to make you rich and famous very quickly.
What is that thing for you? If these questions are the same questions running through your head for months now or maybe for quite a while now, let me walk you through a few questions that helped me unearthed my passion. Like you, I was once puzzled about that something that I’m really passionate about. I was going in circles for many months trying to find that one thing I’m passionate about. And I tell you it wasn’t a quick and one-time big-time AHA moment for me. Totally not. God allowed me to go through many detours and side hustles before I finally knew it was that one for now.
1. Ask yourself, “What can I do?”
Yes, as in your abilities, talents, god-given gifts, skills, strengths, what have you. Those that you know you can do, not just for the sheer thought of accomplishing it, but with so much excellence on your part.
Can you say you’re good at cooking? How about speaking in front of a crowd? It’s time to do a quick inventory of what you can do and really pray for God to open your eyes and lead you to a full knowledge of your god-given gifts.
Yes, if you have been following along, you have probably done this in the Purpose Finder Worksheet that I gave away in my previous blog post. But this time, I’m encouraging you to do this inventory more thoroughly. Meaning, really spend more time knowing yourself, praying for God’s wisdom, and finding out the things that you are blessed to do excellently. From the ones you listed previously in the Purpose Finder Worksheet, go ahead and spend some more time evaluating what you listed, validate if it’s really a strength of yours, add some more or take out as the Lord leads you to do.
2. Ask yourself, “What do I love to do?”
Go back to your abilities/strengths inventory and check which of those you really love doing. And with enjoy I mean you having fun doing it no matter how much challenging it could possibly get along the way. Well, because let’s face it, it’s not always I-feel-over-the-moon-doing-this kind of day all the time. Working on your passion projects can also give you a great deal of disappointments no matter how much passionate you are.
On the flip side, it’s your love for what you do that will make you brave through the challenges of starting and sustaining your passion project. Such that when you feel that the waves are pulling against you, you’d be head up and high ready to fight it through.
You’d know if you really love doing something if at some point you imagine a hurdle coming along and you don’t see yourself quickly giving it up or turning your back from it. Ask yourself, “is this something I’m okay to stick it out with, whether in good and bad times?”
The way that I recommend you to do this is to go through your abilities/strengths inventory list in your Purpose Finder Worksheet and choose your top 3. Ideally, it shouldn’t go beyond 3 as this could still get a bit confusing for you in terms of deciding. With choosing your top 3, you may still find at some point that you can mix your 2 or 3 interests together. Say you love cooking, writing, and fitness activities. So you can perhaps start a blog project that circles around fitness and healthy cooking. So you see, it’s still possible for you to put together interests and produce a something like a passion project of sort out of it. But again, beyond the number of prescribed interests may come off a bit challenging already in terms of maintaining coherence of your project’s brand message.
3. Ask yourself, “how it can be of added value and help to others?”
I have always assimilated passion projects to be something that’s outward than inward serving. Meaning, something that would be of great blessing to other people. For me, I personally want my passion projects to be attached with a greater purpose for other people and not just for myself. I realized that if only I’m doing it for myself, I’d have the tendency to not give it my best because again, I only have myself to consider for this project. As compared to having something / or a group of people whom you are really inspired to make an impact to and will eventually rely on the product / service that you provide, failing these stakeholders would be the least in your options, or not a slight chance at all.
Attaching an outward value to your project will also give you a deeper purpose and meaning for doing it. The value it brings to others can eventually be your big WHY. Why are you doing what you are doing?
Such that when things become a bit tough to handle for you and your project perhaps, you can go back to this very thought and ask yourself, “What on earth am I doing this project for?” It will give you a stronger push to press on and brave through the challenges because you know very well why do it in the first place.
Go back to your project and check how it can be of great benefit to other people, to your main audience, or to those who will come across your products / services.
Going back to our previous example. If the top three interests are cooking, writing and fitness activities and the targeted passion project is starting a fitness / health blog for that matter. You can position your brand to be a health and lifestyle blogger who advocates the love for cooking and preparing homemade healthy dishes. So you can give out free recipes that can be of huge help to your targeted niche, for example, young moms / parents. Niche finding is something that we will talk about in our next P – Project.
So in summary, this week, we’ll drill down some more and check your passion points as you take time to:
1. Ask yourself the three questions.
2. Evaluate your Abilities/Strengths inventory list in the Purpose Finder Worksheet
3. Choose your top 3 Abilities/Strengths from your inventory list (this is something you need to be seriously praying about).
4. Check how your existing or potential passion project can be of great benefit to your targeted audience / niche.
God bless you on this very important part of starting your passion project. 🙂 If you’re doing this activity this week, let me know please in the comment box or send me a personal note, so I can pray with and for you. Let’s keep in touch and allow me to guide you through it, if you may. 🙂
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D.R.E.A.M.S to Purposes – The First to three P’s in Pursuing Your Passion Project

In my blog last week, I shared about Passion Projects and what I think they’re really all about. A couple of weeks back, I wrote about my journey to finding my current project – the one that really resonates my season as a mother. 

If you’re praying to launch your own project, It’s highly important that you know what exactly you are getting yourself into. As you gain wisdom about launching a passion project, you’d be able to identify for yourself what you want, how you want it done, what is sustainable, what is not, and many more. So in our quest to find clarity on how you can get started in pursuing a project, I will help you set off on the right foot by giving you points to consider before finally and officially diving in.
But first, let me put a structure to what we’ll go through in the next couple of week. I will focus on three major aspects that helped me find and launch my own project while being a mother. And these are my Big P’s.
We’ll go through these three one by one for each week as we try to identify what is that project that you can finally get your hands into. But first, let me encourage you that while we go through all these three, continue to pray for God’s wisdom and leading for your project. You know, ultimately, God’s plans for us supercedes any kind of project planning and conceptualizing; His plans yields the best rewards and gain for us – lasting peace, joy, and blessings. 
So for this week, let’s set our eyes on PURPOSE. Yes, say that with me: P-U-R-P-O-S-E!
Have you, at one point in your life, asked yourself, “what in the world am I here for?” I did. And the more I gained clarity and answer to this question, the more it gets clearer to me what I should really be pursuing as a project.
Let me point you quickly to the bible as my ultimate source for all these writing. 1 Peter 4:11 can be an inspiration for all of us in praying for our purpose as it says that we use whatever god-given ability we have in bringing honor to the Lord. 
Do you have the gift of speaking? Then speak as though God himself were speaking through you. Do you have the gift of helping others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies. Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ. All glory and power to him forever and ever! Amen.
That everything we do will bring glory to God – this, I believe, is one purpose we have to live out throughout our numbered days. Very clear, concise, and concrete for us to understand. 
Today, we look at D.R.E.A.M.S – an acronym that I’ve put together that helped me understand my very purpose in pursuing my project. These are six tiny bit aspects in our lives that God may be using to lead us into finding our purpose. 
Desires – dreams, goals, ambitions – are all desires that God may plant in our hearts if we have been praying for direction or purpose in our lives. It may be your desire to homeschool your children, a goal of putting up your own learning center, or an ambition to study further. All these God can use to lead us on to His beautiful plan and purpose for our lives. A caution though in deciding whether a desire is of God as the enemy may also use this to wrongfully lead us astray. Remember: God’s will does not contradict His word. God will not tell you to dishonor your parents just to pursue an endeavor – NEVER. The bible will be able to tell you that which is pleasing to the Lord and that which is not. 
My prayer whenever I am faced with a desire and opportunity is that “God, if this is something that you want me to do, please continue to lead my heart into it. But if not, please lead my heart out of it and intervene.” Try praying this if you are in the midst of deciding whether your heart’s desires are of God. 
RELATIONSHIPS – your relationships right now may be something that God is using to lead you on to His purpose in your life. How? Look at the relationships that you have right now – existing friendships, professional relationships, people that God is leading you to outside of your current sphere, or perhaps people that you mentor or mentor you. Find a common pattern among these relationships and see where God is pointing you in terms of direction. For me, I’ve started to notice that God is leading both my husband and I to meeting couples, mothers, and business owners. We thought that, yeah, this might be just mere coincidence but God is faithful in giving us a vision of what’s ahead for us by sending people our way. Years later – we started growing a desire to have a baby, prayed for it, finally got pregnant, started a new season, then we started growing a heart for starting a business was so great that we started intentionally praying for it. 
EXPERIENCES IN THE PAST – it may be said that our life should be lived in the present while looking forward to what’s ahead. But while this may be true, some parts of our life in the past may be something indicative of where God is leading us on. It may be a past work, a hobby you have so enjoyed in the past but had to put aside, a short stint in the past that sparked your interest very uniquely, a problem in the past that you interestingly solved, or God’s leading to you in the past but had to give a pass, these things any many others in your past may be bringing you to where God wants you to be. As for me, a work in the past, pieced together with my love for meeting people and being out and about, is that which I was led to pursue but this time being more intentional to work on a specific group of people that’s close to my very own season – mothers. A product of God’s leading and wisdom. 
ABILITIES – your abilities, strengths, skills are all god-given and God had a perfect reason and purpose for generously giving them to you. You are not given abilities by random selection or any accident – it’s yours for a reason. Do a quick run through of your abilities, strengths, skills, talents, and all others that you know you have been gifted to do. You may just unravel your purpose through a pattern in your existing abilities that may help you point to your very purpose. 
MESSAGE FROM GOD – God made sure we have a comprehensive guide of living our life abundantly and to its fullest. He gave us a manual (the Bible) that lets us know what to do and what not to do. What will be beneficial to us and what will lead us to destruction. For me, personally, reading His word daily and asking for His wisdom to help me understand every bit of it has helped me a lot in pursuing a project. When you know what is right in the eyes of God and what is not and you have committed your project/endeavor to please Him alone, this gives you a clear direction for it. That when you opportunities come, you just don’t grab and go, you reference back to His word and see if it’s God’s will. Is it God’s will for me to write or do a workshop about divorce? Absolutely not. Because it’s not His will for marriages. In the same manner when you encounter challenges in your project, you patiently seek God’s will in His word and ask for sustenance throughout this bout of problems. 
While you are in the middle of praying for God’s leading for your project or new endeavor, I encourage you to write down all the verses that God is using to remind you about His will for you. You may list these verses down in the worksheet that I am sharing in this blog. 
SEASON – God’s purpose for your life may be the season your are in now. When I became a new mom, I persistently asked for God to reveal His purpose for my life. I kept asking for it. But in one of Pastor Rick Warren podcasts on Seasons of Parenting, God very clearly spoke to me through Pastor Rick’s words. That if you’re a mother now or a father or whatever role you have right now, that is already and exactly God’s will for your life. It was a concrete answer for my prayer. And I have the answer all along – I was just selfishly looking out for it somewhere. As I pursue my projects, I try to circle it around my season as a mother or a wife. 
And to help you do this more systematically and organized, I’m sharing my FREE Purpose Finder Worksheet where you can jot down your D.R.E.A.M.S that will help you piece together your life’s greater purpose. Again, nothing of these whole writing would make sense if we miss out on praying and anticipating God’s wisdom. Pray and ask God to give you His wisdom and confirmation before you go through this worksheet, while you answer it, and after you have completed it. Don’t stop praying until you are certain God is leading you on to something.
Once you are done filling out your worksheet, look for patterns and commonalities among what you have listed from all six purpose points. As for the example below, it appears that learning, motherhood, and teaching speaks a pattern. So the person answering this may look at starting a passion project circling around these manifesting patterns. Note that there’s not always a quick and one-time “AHA!” moments after you complete this practice, but when it seem that it’s still not clear for you, don’t fret. It just takes time and process. Keep praying for it and when it’s God’s right timing, He will sure give you His wisdom for it. 
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What Do You Mean Passion Project?

If you’re like me, I was one puzzled what in the world does a passion project means and how in the tiniest bit of possibilities can I do that aside from being a mom? Hang in there fellow mom / reader, it’s not all complicated stuff really. And trust me in this – I’m never a pro in doing this (I’m still not even up to now), not a blogger and business person in nature, as in never a pro to starting up something, but if there’s anything I learned from what I have been doing as a mom blogger and co-founder of a start up mom learning events – that it’s always doable until you tried it and see for yourself.

So what really are Passion Projects anyway? What does that mean? I’ve heard that countless of times even way before I was a mom. Passion. Purpose. Inspiration. These are common terms we see paired with what they call passion projects. In so far as I’ve been exposed to learning the hoops around it and pursuing a passion project of my own, my understanding of it now is this —
Passion Projects are borne out of interests, desires, advocacy, gifts or talents, a hobby, or an untapped but newly discovered skills that one pursues alongside existing responsibilities such as work, education, and other roles that one may have.
For me, the term “passion project” is just a fancy modern (well I think very millennial) label when in fact, I think the idea has long been present already. Especially when you think about business owners who have pursued their passion for certain products, made it a side project and eventually growing it into a sustainable business. Of course, it isn’t always potentially a business – it can be an advocacy, an interest for something, a skill or just something that you honestly believe in its purpose and the potential positive and lasting outward impact that it will create.
Anyone and everyone can do it and create their own passion project – young, old, professionals, corporate employees, stay at home mothers, or just anyone, plain and simple.
So much explanation has been made about passion project but honestly, for me, it all boils down to really knowing your purpose, what you are genuinely passionate about and pursuing it.
Yes, pursuing it as in DOING it. Finding out what you are really inspired to do and finally doing it. That’s why it’s called a Passion Project. You not only acknowledge that you have a passion for certain things, you turn that passion into action and translate that into a project.
These three P’s (Purpose, Passion, Project) will be your BIG WHYs and WHAT in conceptualizing and finally implementing your passion project.
In my case, here are my 3 P’s:
Purpose – to share God’s love and saving knowledge to others especially fellow moms
Passion – I’m passionate about learning, meeting new people (moms to be specific), and I have a gift for organizing events.
Pursuit of Passion / Project – A mom blog to share God’s work in my season as a mom and a learning events group where I’m able to share my passion for learning with other moms while learning with and from them.
If and when you finally decide to jump into a passion project, take note of the three P’s – pray about it, and consider making your own too that you may be reminded why you do what you do. That will definitely be a question worth answering at some point in your pursuit of passion, especially when things get a bit more tough.
So you finally got a bit of understanding about what Passion Projects are all about. You may still ask, “What are examples of passion projects?” or “What projects can I take on?” Yup, I hear you! That was exactly my question too a couple of months back. To help you answer the ‘WHATs’ questions, I’m sharing today 10 ideas for a passion project that others have done and are still doing to give you a more concrete idea what are those potential passion projects that you can venture into.
Here’s a FREE downloadable copy for your quick reference. Go back to it anytime you feel like you want to start something but couldn’t really identify what exactly it is that you have in mind. Pray for God’s wisdom and leading too – this part you shouldn’t be skipping. 🙂
God bless you fellow Mom/SAHM as you find your purpose, your passion and pursue your passion! If you have any questions to further help you get started on your passion project, don’t hesitate to drop me a message anytime. I’d be sure delighted to know what you’re up to and help! <3
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My Fulfilled College Dream by Eloisa Santiago

It is a personal choice.

I was an HR practitioner when I decided to leave my job to become a stay at home mom or SAHM. I remember that I consulted my husband about it first, and he totally agreed with my decision.

I’ve always felt that it was a good decision, because our focus then and until now is to be able to take care of our first child. And as of this writing, I am proud to say that I am on my 20th month of being a SAHM. And I am totally enjoying the roller coaster ride of being one.

I could remember when I was still in college. Back then my dream was to become a fulltime housewife. I know for some women it would be to earn money, to be able to travel, and to buy all the material niceties that they can afford. But for me, it was different. I wanted to be able to serve my family, to give them all the love, time and care that I could possibly can.

Today, I do not have horrendous sums of money to buy the latest gadgets or nice clothes.  I do not get to   eat in fancy restaurants as much. But then I can truly say that I am fulfilled.  I have a sweet son and a very loving husband whom I immensely treasure. At the end of the day, what I value are relationships large sums of money cannot buy.

I must say that it is not that easy to be a SAHM. Perhaps the better term for the whole experience is “manageable.”

Our son was already 3 months old when I decided to be a SAHM. There were challenges along the way, and I think what helped me cope everyday was to shift my perception.

What do I mean by this, you might ask.

Shift to the positive. Let me share what I perceive as the positive points of being a SAHM:

First, I get to see the milestones of our son and continue to discover a lot of things about him every passing day. So, I get to understand him better. Second, I get to prepare the food he eats and ensure that they are nutritious. Third, I can breastfeed our child anytime of the day—I am after all a believer in breastfeeding. Fourth, I get to do my hobbies–like watching series and reading books–while taking care of our son and doing household chores. Fifth, everyday is a holiday! I get to spend more time with family and friends, especially those who are on vacation. I don’t have to file any vacation leaves for these trips and long getaways. And lastly (for now), I get to manage our household better.

A small caveat though. It is not always like that. There are times that I found being a SAHM really taxing. There have been instances when I  needed to breastfeed our son several times in a day. When he was still just months old, he was so clingy. So much so that I couldn’t finish my tasks, especially when he was awake. I often found myself still awake in the wee hours of the night because I still needed to prepare our food for the next day, and do away with other household chores. I wasn’t able to get the same luxury of sleep I had before having a baby. Until now, our son wakes up in the middle of the night to feed. And that’s what I mean when I say it can get really taxing.

I have been asked numerous times if I ever got bored at home. And my answer will always be a resounding, “No!” This is because I enjoy staying at home. I get to do a lot of things at home. It’s also where I get to discover a lot about myself and become aware of my limitations. For example, I have explored the extent of my physical strength (in terms of doing household chores) and the extent of my will to be able to stretch myself when giving to the best of my abilities to my family.

Again, being a SAHM is not an easy job.  But if one gives herself time to learn to enjoy every moment of being one, she’ll just notice one day that she has been able to hurdle the ups and downs and eventually get the hang of it.

And SAHMs and would-be SAHMs are not alone in this journey. A lot of SAHMs might have the same experience that I am going through right now. It is okay to reach out and ask for help. And it never hurts to have friends who would listen to our stories.

Some mothers may have their own businesses at home, which can keep them busy as well.  I have actually set having my own home business as one of my goals this year. I know that it would be an added challenge, but anything that would help us grow as persons and as SAHMs would be a blessing, right?

I can’t over emphasize that being a SAHM is filled with “stretchful” situations. But then we just need to equip ourselves and learn along the way. Following are things that worked for me which make my journey as a SAHM a smoother one.

Never under estimate the power of writing things down. Let’s admit it, sometimes our memories fail us. Writing tasks list, for one, brings quite the relief. A planner and a calendar have been my allies so I can jot down all the things that need to be finished.

Likewise, let us not forget that we need to take ourselves out for a date once in a while. Just us. No husbands. No babies. This can help create balance in our crazy daily lives as SAHMs. Though honestly, I have never been away from my son for long periods. Most of the time, I take him with me when I have my haircut, my eyebrow threading, and my manicure/pedicure. But hey, compromise, right?

And above all, we need to pray. Have faith, and everything will be all right. Because, we’re never truly alone being SAHMs. We have God helping us take care of our families.

Pray. It helps a lot when making that personal choice to be a SAHM.

Eloisa, stay at home mom to a 2-year-old boy, OC person, loves to cook and wife to an amazing IT person who enjoys mountain climbing.
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The Blessing of being a SAHM by Avvy Jane Lee-Lapus

I considered my self as a mother when I was still pregnant and got no job at the beginning. I’ve been a SAHM for 19 months already. Since my OB told me I need to go on a bed rest, my husband and I decided that I stop working and focus on our first child, Franco. Before that, I lived in Davao and worked in a bank. I flew to Manila to look for another job and stay with my husband and surprisingly we got pregnant. It was not easy for the both of us, since our plans had changed. Thankfully, my parents understood what I am going through and supported my pregnancy (I felt that I am their little princess again, with all the love and care).
Sugar Sensation is a blessing in disguise for us. I started baking when I was 4 months pregnant. Since I don’t have an office work, I grabbed the opportunity to work at home. Through this, I realized how I really love baking that it makes me feel happy and serves as a stress reliever for me. I don’t wait for my clients to message me instead, I look for them. After giving birth to my child, when Franco was 3 months old I was looking for lactation goodies to boost my breast milk supply.
Suddenly a group of moms inspired me to bake some and share it to them. In God’s grace, it was effective to them and then I was already selling it through Instagram and Facebook. We are so happy that in less than a year we were already joining bazaars and we baked a lot to help moms milk supply.
Without my husband, I cannot make this as fas as where I am right now. I am thankful to him for supporting me to do this (we still count the tiring days but it’s a relief to know that we can help mothers who are struggling with their breastfeeding journey).
Each one of us has a passion and a dream. In order for us to be successful, we should not stop until we achieve it. Who never knows, when we will be on top of the mountain. Perseverance, hardwork and trust in yourself is the key. Also ask support from your family and friends and never forget to ask God’s guidance.
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More to Life by Faith Hazel Almario

I never imagined that I will one day write my SAHM (stay at home mom) story because I never thought that I will become one.  It seems like I have been working all my life and the idea of being a plain housewife is unwelcomed since I really want to help my partner in terms of our family’s expenses.

Flashback to 2011, we were just starting a family back then.  It is an ideal set up for me: both the father and the mother are working.  We have our trusted helper to look after our daughter while we work but there’s so much about life that we can’t control along the way. The day came that the helper needed to go and we could not find any replacement so I had to make the toughest decision of quitting my job and become a full-pledged stay at home mom.

1st month of being a Stay at Home Mom. I love every minute of it. It has been my greatest joy. I feel like a bird enjoying its freedom. There are no bosses to follow, no office rules to abide, no alarm clock to set, no traffic jams and I can be in my pajamas whole day long. And the best part is that I get to bond with my daughter 24/7. I will see her grow right in front of my eyes and I will witness and celebrate all those “firsts” which I find pretty amazing.

2nd month of being a Stay at Home Mom, I started to realize that being at home isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I find it really hard asking money from my partner because I am used to having my own income.  I had a confusing and exhausting feeling but I later on realized that there is much more to life than feeling down.  And so, I decided to become a full blooded promonatic.  I love free stuff, samples and promos. This inspired me to join promonatic groups which in turn made me gain new friends. At this point, I feel welcomed and appreciated again. Yes, I am not alone.

Aside from gaining friends, I was able to enjoy life for free. That is the perk of being a promonatic. There are a lot of ways one can be called a promonatic and I have tried several of them.  During my free time, I would browse social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and join different promos. I would also join Youtube and blog giveaways. I also tried collecting sachets of shampoos, 3-in-1 coffees, powdered juice drinks and dropped them in drop boxes. I could go to concerts, watch movies with my family, and go to events for moms and kids-all for free.  Thanks to the Gift Certificates, Spa Certificates, Movie Tickets, Concert Tickets I accumulated because of these promos.  That’s not all, I would also occasionally get branded clothes and make up, shoes, bags, gadgets, appliances to umbrellas and calendars- name it!  I got them all for free!

1st year of being a Stay at Home Mom. I know there is STILL much more to life. I know I can still do something more productive.  This time, I decided to buy an oven. I tried different recipes in YouTube and Google. After several burnt cakes, I have finally perfected a cake. I just can’t contain my happiness. I was just amazed how these two hands of mine can create something that I never expected to make. I never get tired of practicing and trying out new recipes. I got hooked in baking. I joined different baking groups in Facebook and I found myself attending demos and workshops. I look forward to every family occasion like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays because that means an opportunity for me to bake cakes and practice my decorating skills. I started taking orders and the feedbacks from clients were good. I did not stop with cakes. I learned how to make kakanin because I thought it is not every month that I will get cake orders so I want to offer varieties to our clients. I cannot do it without a great support system that backs me up every step of the way. My family and friends have been great supporters in my baking journey. Right now, we have regular clients, resellers and more and more products have been added to our menu. I was able to purchase a big oven and a heavy duty mixer (through the profit in selling our products) that really help us with the orders. My key ingredients will always be love and effort in every product that we sell to our clients. Until now, I can’t believe that I can bake, I can cook and I can decorate a cake. You really have to try and don’t give up because you will not know your capabilities until you have tried it.

I thought being a stay at home mom means feeling stagnant and lonely but I am so wrong. We can do a lot of things. We can discover new hobbies and eventually turn them into profit earning sidelines. We just have to find our passion. Never be afraid to try new things and never let others tell you that you can’t do it because I know you can. You just have to get up and do it. Once you have found your passion, fulfill it. Learn how you can improve your craft. Seek help. Have a strong back up system like your family and friends. Tell them what your goals are with your new found hobby.

And last but not the least, make a schedule. This schedule really helps me accomplished a lot in a day. My partner is working overseas, I don’t have a helper and I have a 5-year old student. 24 hours in a day is really not enough for me to accomplish everything. I always start my day at 4 in the morning. I have schedule for everything. From lesson time/playtime/activity time with my daughter, house chores, market and grocery day, planning meals for the week, delivering goodies, encoding (part time), joining promos/giveaways, baking and “ME” time- everything is scheduled. I also accomplished a lot whenever I turned off the Wi-Fi. You know why haha! Then I still have to manage order inquiries in our Facebook page.

Of all the things that need to be done do not ever forget to rest. I know how it feels when your house is like a mess; your daughter is throwing tantrums and the never-ending battle with house chores. If I am tired, it will not harm my entire schedule if I will just take a 30-minute nap time. Then once I wake up, I’m energized again and I can get back to being a Super Mom.  How to be you po? I always get that comment but you know what? Yes, I am a Super Mom but I cannot do it alone. My family, relatives and friends are always there to cheer me up and they are always there to support me so my being Super Mom came from the positive energies that I am getting from them. I am not a perfect mom either but knowing that I have total say over my daughter’s day-to-day activity, I find it perfectly comforting. We moms have our own struggles and everyone has to make decisions based on what works for their family and personal situation but one thing is for sure, each and everyone one of us is a superhero in our own ways.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mom for it weren’t for her I would not know real the meaning of Motherhood. “Ma, you are the best and you deserve everything that you have right now”. I salute all moms out there- working moms or stay-at-home moms who never get tired of being a superhero for their family. All the sacrifices will be rewarded soon. Hang in there moms!

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Starting Anew by Mikli Jorge

I would always say I had two small goals: 
  1. To be with my son full-time
  2. Without sacrificing my ambition and earning capacity

(and secret goal 3. by doing work that I enjoy, and that allows me to be creative and flex my brain!)

I’m a single mom, and one of the toughest things about it is wishing I could split myself and be everywhere at once. I want to be with my son because ako na nga lang eh, but at the same time, as the sole breadwinner, I can’t not work. I’m so thankful for my family’s love and support, but at the end of the day, it’s still all on me.

It was hard. And for a while, I thought earning meant sacrificing family time, and vice versa.

I was working full-time at an NGO, when I started to panic. My son got accepted into Big Boy School (!), and Big Boy School meant Big Big Tuition. My current salary was not going to be able to cover it. So while I still had some savings (aka time), I decided I needed to do something. 

So I began a small side hustle: I wrote a book last year! And writing that book, creating a website, marketing it, and interacting with the online business community in the process — opened me up to all the creative opportunities I could create for myself in the online space. 

Not only did I learn some pretty useful skills, but I also made friends… who turned out to be my first clients.

I started work as a virtual assistant, slash, online business manager, slash, ka-brainstorm for the people I met online. I could work while my son was asleep or while he was in school (because they were all in different timezones). And … I was beginning to earn.

I started it slowly, taking a few clients at a time at a low monthly rate. When I realized it was possible to replace (and even surpass!) my current income, I worked my eyebags off to be able to transition from a 9-5 to full-time online entrepreneurship.

When one of my clients finally signed me on at a monthly retainer that covered the income I was making from my full-time job, I was like, okay. No more excuses. I was scared but…

It was time. 

Status report.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for less than a month. I started working from home full time mid-July and I’m… let’s say, I’m still adjusting.

I haven’t quite found my groove yet. Some days, I get a lot done when my son is in school; others, I work from midnight to sunrise. My son had a 6-day weekend because of the storm and school holidays, and it is really hard to drag my butt out of bed when it’s nice and cold outside and the whole house is asleep. 

My brain is also fried and working overtime both at home and at work, malala pa pagka-fried sa sunny side up. 


Now I’m bringing my son to school and picking him up every day. Just today, my son asked if I could drive around campus more before dropping him off at the gate.


“Because I love spending time with you!” 


Baby steps and tiny experiments.

I love my work as a virtual assistant, because I’m working with some of the smartest people in the industry. 

I’m getting a first-hand look at their processes and how their brains think, get a backstage pass into what it really takes to run businesses, and even gain access to resources I normally wouldn’t have access to! I’ve also proofread and laid out people’s online courses … so really, I’m getting paid to learn! 

Another one of my clients contacted  me for a service I don’t normally offer, which is managing and coordinating a huge online event. I said, I mean, sure this sounds great, but this is my first time doing this, are you sure you’re okay with that? It’s a little bit out of my expertise! And he said, I know. And that’s totally fine. It’s my first time doing this too, and I’ve seen the work you do for my friend: you’re smart, and I called you first because I know you can figure this out with us. 


Not only do I get to work with smart people, but I get to work with people who believe I can do more than what I think I’m capable of. Which inadvertently, makes me better. 

It’s great, and have I said I super love the work? 

A lot of my friends who see me working online have asked, how can I do that? How do I do what you do? Paano ba ako rumaket online? 

When I was beginning, I was seeing posts and declarations of 6-figure launches and 5-figure webinars (in dollars, ha!). I’d read stories about how, once upon a time, this person was sleeping on a mattress, but she discovered this secret and is now making thousands and thousands in her sleep! 

I know these are all meant to be inspirational, and but me, I was overwhelmed. Ang layo na nila. That’s them, they’re different, how could I ever? 

So while I consider this entrepreneurial journey of mine to still be in its very early, very baby steps, very experimental stage, I also realize — maybe that’s okay. And maybe that’s what I can offer. 

I’m chronicling this journey into online entrepreneurship on my blog, sharing what I’m learning on building an online business, in real time as I’m learning them. 

I’m also creating and experimenting and testing resources to help anyone who might want to start something…. well, start something! This one’s for us moms who want to create our possibilities and opportunities! Including the possibility and opportunity of being at home with our kids while we do it.

Top 3 pieces of advice.

  1. Challenge assumptions. I thought I had to choose between being a driven and ambitious career woman, and being with my son. Now I know that’s not true. I wonder what other things I’m not questioning? What other assumptions are false? What else can I do that I haven’t thought of?
  2. Start small. Big things are overwhelming and scary and paralyzing and easy to overthink. Small is doable. Maybe it’s one photoshoot. A 1:1 makeup tutorial with a friend. Beginning a secret blog. A baby step forward is a step forward!
  3. Stay consistent. It’s a lot of putting one baby step in front of the other. It’s a lot of being uncomfortable about putting so much of yourself out there. It’s a lot of pushing through anyway. And pretty soon, promise! It’ll be a lot of, “Wow, I’ve come so far.”

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Starting a SAHM Passion Project – Answering My What’s and Why’s

Photo by Baloney Photography Studios

Today – I’m sharing in this blog post how I’m able to really identify that passion project I want to pursue and how I’m able to overcome my confusion, fears, doubts, and insecurities and questioning myself if I can really do it. Not that I have the final and ultimate project that I want to do for my whole life – I hope I still get to unearth some passions I have that are laying in the sidelines and to make an impact in the community I am in – I’m sharing these from my own experience so that other SAHMs or moms may be encouraged to keep pursuing their personal goals no matter how big, small, slow you think you’re going at it.

Let me start by saying that I begun the hunt for my passion work as soon as I got off my corporate work in the latter of 2014. Exactly the same time I became a SAHW or a Stay at Home Wife. Having been used to the corporate work, I tried my best to search for a new job but God had another plan for me – so the praying, waiting, and searching for passion work opportunities started around this time.

Mind you, I did not immediately find “the project,” I had to jump from one venture to another to see if it was something I would want to pursue. I know it seemed like I’m an opportunity hopper – well, yeah, kind of. But I’d say that without me doing that – I won’t be able to get to where I am now in terms of passion seeking and purpose doing. The process wasn’t easy flowing – honestly – but it was well worth it. Meeting different people, establishing network, expanding my learning bank, and all others. That’s absolutely worth the journey for me.

If you’re curious to find out what kind of passion ventures I tried to dip my fingers into – I did Gourmet cooking, Insurance & Investment, English teaching (this I still love doing), Corporate Events (I still do this on the side), then I’m led to Blogging and Learning Events. Quite a number, right? That is because I wasn’t really sure what I specifically wanted to pursue. More so, I was uncertain which talents I wanted and God is leading me to pursue until He has opened the opportunities and validated His will for me. I had to try things out in the beginning to see where I see myself fit and making an impact, as this is something I always want to have in every work I do – leave a valuable impact to others. So maybe you’re still at a phase like I was some months back where you’re uncertain which projects you can pursue for yourself. My suggestion is to take it easy. Not everyone gets that light bulb moments all too quickly – be patient. You’ll figure it out along the way, just be extra sensitive to what and where God is leading you.

So let me finally begin this by sharing my personally validated steps and learnings in pursuing your passion, whether as a Stay at Home Mother or not. It pretty much applies to anyone generally. This are some of the few things that helped me answer my What’s and Why’s before finally jumping in.

  1. Pray about it – the moment I stepped out of my corporate career in 2014, I’ve prayed to land a new job. I have never been an entrepreneur myself so this was my quick go-to resolution. But God had a different plan for my life, He had it figured out and set for me. Although I was pretty much lost around this season in my life while I was in between jobs – I asked God in my countless prayers what He wanted me to pursue and for Him to open my heart and be sensitive enough to acknowledge it. I remembered praying for it in one of the Prayer & Fasting seasons some years back. I asked God to please use my hands to work on something that He would entrust me with. Fast forward to present, I knew He had and continuously reveals His answer to me.
  2. Do a list of your strengths and interests – it’d be quite a challenge going through the whole process if you aren’t sure what your type of a passion project looks like and what is that something that suits you well. There were a number of enticing projects I had to put aside since these do not fall under my interests. I think that for it to be a passion project – it has to be something you are really passionate about and you feel strongly for. You can do a quick inventory of your Strengths & Preferences. Then from that point on, you can drill down to your top items and possibly focus on these items to start with. Buuuuuut – it’s not all the time that we have the idea which projects are right up our alley, so you can try to see for yourself which ones would be fitting for you. With that I mean, go out there, try new stuff, and see which ones would spark the best interest for you. You might have just not found it yet but it does not mean that you cannot find it. We can always carve out opportunities for ourselves, don’t we?
  3. Go back to your past experiences – God may have already plotted a potential passion project for you long before. It may be a previous work experience, a person you may be connected with in the past, an interest that you have before, or something you did once in your past life. In my case, what I realized is that the things I have been interested in  all along have one thing in common – all dealing with people, continuous learning, and events. And I didn’t quite notice the pattern until I intentionally looked at how things unfold for me after my corporate life. My passion project now seemed like a complete rehash of my previous work (in HR Training) meshed with my love for learning, events, meeting people, and my season as a mother. And whenever I am reminded of this pattern and turn of events in my life, I just can’t help but praise God for weaving everything together. I can really say that He’s been at work in and out of my life from the start.
  4. Go back to your personal vision – one of the things I really had to carefully pray for and think about is the purpose for my passion project. I honestly do not want to go out there, launch, and just care purely about the profit. Although a good amount of profit is needed for the project’s sustainability, I wanted it to be a purposeful project. Something that could help make an impact in the community I am working with – young mothers. So my advice – set this clear and straight in the beginning – even before you launch everything. Go back to your personal or family vision (if you’re married) – this may give you a hint what and where you should be heading as this pretty much shows which things you put high value on and which ones are non-negotiables for you. So for example, in my case, I really want to do something of valuable contribution to my immediate community (young moms) so I already know who’s my target market and who I would want to serve for my project.
  5. Learn, learn, and learn some more – If you have been passionate about that project for quite a long time already, chances are – you have a good amount of understanding about it by now. Buuuuut – there are still a lot more learning to do throughout the cycle of pre-launch, actual launch, and post launch. From the business side, to marketing strategies, legal stuff, targets and goal setting, and the rest of the nitty gritty almost similar to launching an actual business. You have to learn everything like you’re running a real business, so you avoid slacking amidst all the hustling that you need to do for your passion project. Whether it’s a blog, an event that you want to do, a book that you want to start, or whatever you have in mind – there’s so much to learn from where you are currently in your level of knowledge. Going through it armed with the right knowledge makes the entire project doable and sustainable. Your learning as your own Project Manager can come from a wide variety of resources – books, podcasts, mentors, what have you – sky is the limit, dear. Choose what mostly fits your style and your need. Just learn it consistently.

After reading through this, I hope that you start/continue praying about the passion project that you really want to pursue. I’m certain that if your project is aligned with God’s will in your life now, He’ll bring you to finally doing it and throughout the entire process. Whatever you choose to do from here on – I pray too that you do it all for God’s glory and let it be your ultimate vision for your passion project.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Oh and by the way – these are just some of the things I had to consider in starting my passion project. I still have a few more on the list that I hope to share, well hopefully in person. So if you’re from Manila, Philippines and a stay at home mother or a just a mom, how does a quick meet up one of these days sound to you? Let me know your thoughts. 🙂


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Happy SAHMnniversary to Me!

My daughter’s turned 1 year old this month and it goes without saying that I’m celebrating my first year of being a Mom or rather a Stay at Home Mom. Yes, I celebrate for myself, too! Hahaha! This got me looking back on how the year has passed for me. In a nutshell, it has been a year since –

  • I last slept for 8 hrs straight.
  • I last tasted regular workouts (mom’s life’s getting me too tired for it. Haaay)
  • I woke up past 9AM.
  • My husband and I went out on a date (just the two of us). Another haaaay
  • I last ate dairy stuff without feeling frightened or guilty (my daughter’s dairy intolerant until now and we’re still breastfeeding)
  • I last went out carrying a small purse for myself (you know how baby changes this totally).
  • I last enjoyed a full meal without going undisturbed for ‘didi’ time. 😀
  • I last savored long bath times.

And it has been a year of –

  • A happy but sometimes wailing home (baby causes the wailing part 😀 ).
  • A messy but lively home.
  • Breastfeeding – yay!!!
  • Overjoyed hearts as we cherish our first year with our little darling
  • Milestones after milestones – praise God!
  • Deepen and strengthened marital relationship for my husband and I.
  • Happy grandparents for our moms.
  • Smaller home space (because of gazillion baby stuff – some we didn’t imagine we would ever have).
  • Learnings – countless of it
  • Tears, laughters, and giggles
  • Praying, praying, and praying – parenting had us prayed more than we did prior to having a baby. I guess this part really changed us a lot – and made us trust God more and more for everything.

And many many more – to miss, look back, and praise God for – countless of it, honestly.

Now that I’ve reached my first year of being a SAHM, I ask if I still see myself being one in the years ahead. Maybe a YES and a NO for me. Partly a NO because, honestly, I still do not discount the idea of going back to work – if there is really a need for me to do it. Like a pressing need of sort that would compel me to share the load of earning for the family. If some years down the road, God would lead our family to it and will open opportunities for us, then yeah, perhaps. But a huge part of me now says YES, I still see myself being a SAHM long term, for as long as God allows me to do it. Right now, I just feel that I’ve quite adjusted to the life of a stay at home mom. I could not imagine myself too being away from my baby for too long – this in itself is a reason I want to just be with her and continue being a SAHM.

When I trace back my days as a SAHM from since Oona was born and every month from there on, I can’t imagine how I survived each day of it and how I managed to transition to this new season that I am in apart from the grace of God. It’s just soooo amazing how I pulled it all of because He alone held me through it. From an outgoing corporate worker to a stay at home mom,  computer work to diaper changes, powerpoint presentations to nursery rhymes, numbers and reports to baby records, smart phones to home tools, corporate clothes to casual shirt and shorts, leisure trips to grocery trips and many more – how I survived it – I certainly don’t know. I just know that I have a God who’s been helping me from day 1 of motherhood. Praising God for a whole year of motherhood!

How about you? How many years have you been a mom or a stay at home mom (if you are one)? How has it been for you in your early years of transition? I’d love to hear and learn from your journey. <3

Isaiah 40:31 – “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Sharing a photo of the simple front table set up. Pretty much describes our intent for this celebration – simple and intimate. <3 We praise God for providing everything.
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