AweSAHM Finds: Going Natural with Katharos Natural PH


If you’ve have been following my blog along and my social media posts, I rarely promote or write about product reviews as I specifically am focused on writing inspirational entries. But just because I don’t do it, does not mean I cannot write about products I am totally raving for.


I love organic products and I’m totally all for going natural when it comes to food we eat or products we use for ourselves. A lot of times I DIY on food and products but there are just those that I can’t seem to put the time and effort to make. So for those products that are over and beyond my Mom-DIY capacity, I source them out.


There are a few products that I loved at first use, have been an avid user of for the longest time and there are those that I just use one time and never tried again. I’m not too particular with the aesthetics but I’m that very keen when it comes to quality. The after effects are my make or break when it comes to judging and loving a product. You know how a lot of products are coming out these days and says Organic and Natural but you end up experiencing otherwise? It’s scary and I have learned to be vigilant about it by reading through the labels.


So when a good friend of mine launched her own line of Pure and Organic products, my heart skipped a beat! And when I say Pure and Organic, I honestly mean it’s definitely true to its promise. Tried and tested! And in experience, there are only two things that make me genuinely love an Organic product.


1. When it’s obviously not pretending to be ALL ORGANIC yet you can tell there is a trace of non-natural ingredients in it. For someone who loves organic items, I can actually feel and tell that after a couple of use.
2. When it’s husband and baby approved. Or when they don’t feel or see anything weird after using it.


Exactly how KATHAROS Natural Products are to us! I can honestly and confidently write about its efficacy and trust their bold declaration of carrying only organic, pure, and natural products, because I know  and I have tried it so.


So let me write about each of their product that I have tried and share how lovely it has helped us and even our one year old baby.


1. Soaps – I love all of their soap variants. We use it as a bath soap for adults and for our little girl too. I love it because it does not leave my skin dry that I don’t even need to use a lotion after bath because that’s how nourishing it is for my skin.


2. Insect Balm – This one is like our family’s boo-boo balm. Our go-to ouchie balm for insect bites and even for bruises, rashes, and other skin care ouchies that we have. So much for our quick and go-to balm that whenever our baby gets a bite or an ouchy, she immediately tells us, “Balm, Nanay / Balm, Tatay.” Then we sure know she’s referring to that Magic Balm we got from Katharos.


3. Eczema Balm – This one we could not stop raving about. It’s really the Bomb among their Balms. It has worked very wonderfully for my husband’s itchy spot in his scalp that’s been an ongoing concern for him. And so I’ve long been in search for products that would help address the irritating itch and none of what I found (apparently even the famous brands) have solved this concern. Then this Eczema Balm from Katharos came – and it just worked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y!


To really tell and validate that it’s that effective for my husband, I had to ask him several times and in different occasions if it really did soothe the itch. Knowing him, he’s the type who would be quick to tell if a product is not working well for him. But for this one, he consistently gave a big fat YES for all those instances I asked him. He liked it a lot, no wait, he actually love it. So much so that he brings it with him even in the office and religiously remembers to apply it twice a day.


So yeah, my final verdict: if you or someone you know is experiencing Ezcema or skin irritations, I’d highly recommend that you  consider Katharos’ Eczema Balm. It’s really the bomb among their balms!


4. Lip & Face Night Balm – straight out – I’m not too fond of using skin care products or even practicing a skin care routine, although I think I’d really have to start one as aging is really taking its toll on my skin. So one night, even though I’m not a fan of all these face products and routine, I randomly tried this balm on my face.


Of course the result wasn’t too quick to recognize but for me the smell is just okay, nothing too extraordinary, it wasn’t too sticky as I normally experience with other balms, and it does not leave a very awkward feel in your face.


The best part for me was the next day result. I felt like my skin was overly stretched like I just washed off a mud pack on my face. I love it a lot and will definitely use it again and again!


5. Dreamy Balm & Chesty Balm – these two I don’t quite exactly know what’s the difference but I figured the Chesty Balm works like a vapor rub while the Dreamy Balm works like sleep balm. Or perhaps can work as a massage balm too.


Both do not come off minty in its feel or too strong in its smell, which tells me it’s all natural. But personally, I may have liked it better if it leaves a cooling or minty effect on my skin, specially the chesty balm. I still like them both but not enough to replace my current favorite balm. Nonetheless, I’ll still watch out for future versions of these two balms.


6. Mist Spray – I loooooove this mist spray but my husband loves it waaaay better than I do. In fact, he practically uses it for a lot of things – in the car, as a linen spray, as a clothes spray, and plainly whenever he wants a relaxing feel.


What I like best about their Mist Spray is it does not leave a stinging smell in the nose like other air sprays. I’ve bought a couple of ones before and ended up discarding because the smell is too strong it makes you think of all the harmful chemicals in it.


This one though, you’d have to be spraying from time to time as the smell does not last too long. And I love it that way because it really speaks about its naturalness when it comes to the ingredients used.

To top it all of, what I love best about this brand  is that it’s bold in declaring their love for God in the bible verses that they posts, not just in their generic label, but in all their product labels. Different verses for each product. For me, it just speaks volume about the product and its creator.

Thanks for staying through this whole product review. My super final verdict: we absolutely love KATHAROS! You have to get your hands on it and try it for yourself. It’s highly recommendable! 🙂


Have fun and may we all find the joy and pleasure in transitioning to more environment-friendly, natural and safer products.


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