Budgeting your time as a SAHM / MOM while Pursuing your Passion Project 

Pursuing a passion project alongside motherhood is totally a NO JOKE. I tell this all the time. The world out there pursuing a project, whatever that may be, perhaps a blog, a business, an advocacy and what not, and whether you are a mother or not takes a LOT. Chances are, you’ll feel exhausted juggling things, you’ll be a lot busier, you’ll spend a little bit more time and resources in implementing your project, your attention would be divided more, and so on and forth.

All the start up projects, businesses, blogs and brands that you see now all looking fabulous, kept, organized, awesome. Behind it are founders and prolly their team (you are blessed if you have it and can afford to sustain) working doubly on the leg and ground work. Countless hours of work, energy, and resources exerted. So you might ask yourself, “how in the world will I still be able to squeeze in some extra time for a mom passion project when I’m practically spent throughout the day just for house work?”

And honestly, I asked myself that too countless times when I was just starting Mamacademy PH. I had a lot of doubts, insecurities, fears, and everything else that you could possibly have and think of not to pursue something new for yourself. There were times when it was too challenging for me to stay up late and work on a content, layout, or squeeze in a client phone call in between a house work, meet a client with a baby and tow and even breastfeeding while I’m in a meeting. Haaaay. And the list just goes on.

Buuuuuuut, just before you throw the idea of pursuing your mom passion project out of the window. Wait, until I tell you this. Yes, it’s challenging, exhausting, time dividing and consuming, but it’s still doable and the good news is that, you can manage it along the way. Yup, you’ve read that right – YOU.CAN.DO.IT

In fact, you’ve probably seen that in a lot of mompreneurs, mom bloggers, mom advocates, and passion project doers. They did it, a lot are still at it, so yes, definitely and without a doubt, you too can pursue your own mom passion project.

And I think there’s no better way for me to finish this post than to share with you my 3 QUICK TIPS in pursuing a passion project alongside motherhood. I have always hoped that many more moms would try it out for themselves and really pursue something that they’re personally passionate about while being loving, dedicated, and amazing moms.

Here goes my tips:

1. Know your priorities early on – and I could not stress this any better. Even before you begin a project, with a thought in mind that your idea/project will fly (yes, don’t be such a negative baby hehe), you have to have your priorities straighten out and identified even at the onset.

Know who and what you’re priorities are and your non-negotiables. And unless you have this clear from the very beginning, you are bound to accept just any opportunity that comes knocking on your door. Some priorities may be constant throughout while some may change along the way, but just keep it all laid out every start of something or every year.

For instance – in my case, I’m clear in keeping my Sundays workshop free, why is that so? Because that’s our worship and family day. That may perhaps be just a simple priority for some, but it’s something that we value as a family. You too can identify your priorities with your husband and the rest of your family.

2. Set a goal and a schedule but don’t be pressured to follow it too strictly – and that’s very normal for us moms. We get too stingy with following our schedule, ticking things off our to-do list, and making sure we’re keeping up with our gazillion work right on time.

But the truth of the matter is that we don’t have our time all to ourselves. Our families and our children take up the most of it, well for me specifically. Yes, it’s safe to set a goal or what I call baby goals for your passion project. Whether that’s a weekly, monthly, or quarterly goal, go do it. But don’t be pressured to always keep it strictly. Leave some room for flexibility as you work on your “priorities.”

As one pastor had said it that got me absolutely thinking, we should “schedule our priorities and not prioritize our schedule.” And that’s a huge lesson for me as I pursue my mom passion project.

3. Ask / get help – no matter how you try to accomplish everything all by yourself, you are likely to feel burned-out at the end of the day. We are not mechanical beings, dear mom. We get tired too. And as much as you’d like to believe that you can be everything you want to be, I’m sorry to break it to you, we just can’t do it all.

You can ask help in caring for your baby or working on house chores when you have to work on something, you can hire help so you can delegate the leg work at home, ask help from a friend, relative or someone whom you know can alleviate the work for you whether project or house related. Hire someone you can afford to work on some stuff for your project. And trust me, it’s just going to be a lot better for you. You can focus on the more important things and more high-level tasks for your project or your role as a mom/wife by delegating the work.

And there’s still so many things we can all do as moms to help us budget our time, energy, and resources so we can still pursue our passion while being the best moms and wives for our families. It’s not going to be an easy feat or a quick-fix for us, but slow progress is still better than no progress at all.

God bless you today, moms! <3

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