Christmas Gift Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

It’s the season of gift giving and if you’re a stay at home mother like me, you might be wondering how and what you can give your loved ones or perhaps your husband this Christmas.

You know when I started transitioning to being a stay at home wife a couple of years back, holidays like this makes me a bit sad especially knowing that I no longer have the earning capacity to buy gifts to as much people as I want to give or just the thought of always considering your budget in every purchase that you make.

But you know what, if there’s anything that God has been faithfully teaching me in this season as a stay at home mother, it is that it’s not always about material gifts. That holiday or any celebration for that matter could be made extra special by what you have and what you can give. Material or not, it’s your heart for giving that makes it even more special more than what you give.

So for my fellow stay at home mothers, who, around this season, may be feeling a bit low because we’re no longer capable of buying special and pricey gifts out of the Christmas bonuses and salaries we used to have, let me share some ideas for “special” gifts that we can give our loved ones – husbands, children, or just anyone you’re eyeing to give something this holiday.

But wait, let me just remind you, that although this season makes us hugely miss the corporate career we used to have – all the parties, recognitions, awards, bonuses, benefits and all that – it’s okay. It’s normal for us to feel like we’re missing the old life. But remember that what we have now is what God allowed to happen. It may be far from the glamorous corporate life, but that’s alright, what we do is still special. Remember that.

Gifts don’t always have to be with a price and wrapped after, so here are some quick ideas for you, fellow SAHMs. 🙂

1. Time – perhaps you want to give something out of the ordinary this year and instead of forcing a certain gift amount into your family’s budget, why not try doing activities with your loved ones where you can spend quality time with them.

If you have been busy whole year round, now is a perfect time to slow down a bit and enjoy an awesome time perhaps with your husband or your family. How about a hotel staycation? Or a road trip up the South? Or a simple candle light dinner date? Nothing fancy, just pure spending quality time with your loved ones. Or how about setting up a movie marathon at home with matching home cooked meals that you prepared? Why not, right?!

2. Talents – each of us sure has a unique gift – whether it’s cooking, organizing something, baking, preparing DIY stuff – whatever that is, I’m certain you can whip something up and create a specially made present. How about DIY-ing your Christmas presents? Baking may count, Cooking is definitely in the list, Crocheting can be fun too, Calligraphy is very pretty I tell you and many other stuff you can create out of your special gifts. For the recent years that we transitioned to being a single-income family, we started giving out gifts that are mostly DIY-ed. There was a time we baked a Banana Cake, prepared our own Gourmet Sardines, and many more.  And so far, those gifts that we personally took the time and effort to make were the ones that were mostly appreciated. Because the recipients knew how much love was put into every single gift we prepared for them.

And yes – it’s economical, special, and definitely fits the bill!

3. Treasure – if you’re one of the few  stay at home mothers who were blessed with opportunities for a side business/hustle, perhaps you could consider and afford buying some special but practical items to give away. Again, it does not need to be too fancy. For me, you could consider buying practical items. If it’s for your husband then perhaps you could get him something of good use for him for work or his usual activities. If you think he’s in need of a good pair of loafers, then by all means, if it’s within your budget, go get it. Or if you’re looking at giving something for your parents, how about giving them something that would be practical for them, say an Executive Check-up package, or a set of vitamins that they need. You are the best person to know what exactly does this loved one of yours need and would greatly appreciate receiving, so if it’s something you could spare in terms of your budget and would not really hurt the budget so much, then yeah go ahead.

You know how the old adage goes, “it’s the thought that counts?” Now that I’m a stay at home mother and living the adult life, I feel like I started living out this principle. Not for being ‘kuripot’ or extremely frugal, but more of me wanting to be a good steward of our God-given resources. Not just impulsively buying and blindly hoarding stuff. And more so, not just giving gifts for the sake of handing over something. For me, it’s now about how we can all bless other people through the gifts that we share regardless how pricey or inexpensive it is. Are we able to show love through our gift? Are we able to share God’s goodness through our gift? Are we able to genuinely communicate how much we value them through our gift?  These questions may be worth asking ourselves before we buy gifts this season.

Oh and just before the days ahead gets really crazy busy, let me greet you and your loved ones a blessed CHRISTmas! May your celebration of this season be focused on CHRIST as our reason for everything. Please know that it’s a blessing to have someone like you who journeys with me in this SAHM life. Thank you from my heart of hearts.

In AweSAHMness,


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