God’s Grace (and an Opportunity) to a Stay at Home Mom

I didn’t grow up to be fond of cooking neither hanging out in the kitchen except when I want to eat. Not until I became a wife and even more when I become a stay at home wife (SAHW) then a stay at home mother (SAHM). I think it comes with the season that you’re forced to really embrace every single responsibility that comes with your current role – that including cooking and not just cooking, loving it.

So imagine how much of a surprise it was for everyone at home when they found it I started becoming interested in cooking, learning my way around things, and finally doing it. I would not dare say that I’m a good cook at present and I think between my husband and I, he’s waaaaay above and beyond my cooking skills. But I can honestly say that I’m trying – and with trying I mean – I have my good and bad dishes too. But at least the love for it, even more for cooking whole foods, mainly vegetables and fruits, is already there.

Almost three years ago, in one of my cooking adventures as a stay at home wife and in my desire to develop a food product that I can eventually sell, I got my hands into cooking homemade food specifically Spanish style sardines. Yes, as in SARDINAS.  I got recipes from an online resource, developed some more to my preference, started cooking some for my husband, and then eventually sold some to friends. And it was a hit, by God’s grace. Then my pregnancy came and we had to push everything aside to prioritize this new season in our marriage. We thought, maybe yeah this isn’t really what we want to pursue. After all, it entails cooking – something I wasn’t naturally passionate about to begin with. Or so we thought.

Fast forward to present, still staying at home, but this time as a mother whose desire is to support my family too and help out in our collective income even in the littlest possibly way, I found my courage to finally launch my Gourmet Food  venture(Spanish Style Sardines as a flagship product) and develop it into a more sellable product. It took thousands of encouragements and strong pushes from my husband before I finally said yes to doing this, well again. A thousand worth of prayers to help me brave all the process leading to its launch, and God’s unfathomable grace for it. Today, I’m blessed to share our new, little and humble family venture into Gourmet cooking through our Eats Gourmet PH flagship product that is our Spanish Style Sardines in Pure Olive Oil.

I remember this to be my prayer years back when I started being a stay at home wife – for God to allow me to use my hands for His glory, in whatever form He desire me to do so. His answers are finally unfolding before our eyes, little by little,  and I could not praise God enough for bringing us to it and through it. We may have had to start everything from scratch but we are happy we did and we could not imagine doing every single thing if not for the grace of God. Indeed, God uses the oddest season in our life to bring forth His plans for us. Who would have thought that a simple recipe I found over the internet could help us launch a food venture such as Eats Gourmet PH and start selling out to friends and eventually to some strangers. We are not huge yet, only a small start up family venture, but we’re positive that with God, we could brave the odds and be a product that will be loved by many families and individuals.

It is our desire to bring gourmet products to more and more Filipino families and households at its best quality but with a price I could confidently afford myself while we share the love of God to others through our product. Please help us pray to continue working at our best for this venture with God as our greatest source of wisdom, strength and inspiration for everything.

To view updates about our start up Gourmet Food venture and our flagship product, please follow us on Instagram (eatsgourmetPH) and FB (Eatsgourmet_PH). We’d love you to give our product a try and hear your feedback. 🙂

If you’re a mom or a stay at home mom/wife like me, I hope to leave you with an encouragement that no matter how much we feel like we’re tied at home doing the dirty work of managing our home and taking care of the kids most of the time, God can still use our season for greater things. You may feel that you have given up your career and so many wonderful opportunities ahead of your life for your family and that there’s not much personal growth in what you’re doing now as a mom and a wife at home. Don’t worry, God knows our hearts and we can turn in to Him all our frustrations, our goals, and dreams no matter how much it seem like it’s all what if’s and what could be’s in our heads now. If you’re in the middle of desiring to pursue something other than being a mom or a SAHM, I encourage you to pour it all out to God in prayer – to be honest in everything that you feel and ask Him to lead you to His purpose for your life. That only His purpose and will for your life be your ultimate desire too.

Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
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