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Hello, I’m Kaye! I’m a Philippine-based Millenial Mom Blogger. I am happily married to my husband, Otap for nearly 3 years now. Enjoying every day of the married life since 2013, I have decided to take on a different hat as a a stay at home mom (SAHM as the jargon for it). I have formerly worked in the corporate HR for 8 years but found family life to be a more challenging yet incomparably fulfilling profession that’s worth a total shift of my focus.

A photo during our pre-nup session with photographer friends Loki Martin & Barry Milare.

I am also a first-time mom to baby girl Oona Issadore. It still feels strange whenever I say I’m a mom, with just a few months into it. But this feels like the best title I could hold for my entire life.

Itsokayemom is borne out of a desire to share my story as a career-driven person turned into a stay at home mom. The transition from one role to another did not happen all too quickly and smoothly. It was a rough journey for me, to say the least. Despite the major shift of priorities in my life – I believe that God has a greater purpose for my season as a mom and a wife. I believe that this season that I am embracing now is not an end to pursuing my dreams but only the beginning of countless opportunities to a better version of my self. My hope for this blog is to encourage moms like me – whether a stay at home or not – to continue seeking God’s purpose for each of our season and live it out according to God’s plan for all of us.

Join me as a continue embracing my season as a stay at home mom and discovering the hoops and loops of motherhood, married life, and passion finding. <3

Sharing some of our photos taken by our photographer friends, Loki Martin & Barry Milare.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by, Meg! Likewise! I hope to read more about your journey and hopefully put a face to the name in the future. 😊 God bless!

  1. Hi kaye.. Im ate marianne ferranco-domingo 🙂 wow sobra ako na amaze sa blogg mo.. Really love reading ur blog.. SAHM n din ako kaya relate much ako 🙂

    1. Hallllooo, Ate Marianne! Wow, thank you! Buti nahanap mo itong blog ko. 🙂 Thanks for following and reading through my posts. Welcome to the aweSAHM life! 😀 Join us in Mamacademy PH next time!

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